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Enlightenment SVN Comes to Unity Linux

August 30, 2010

Christmas comes early for Enlightenment users…well at least Unity Linux Enlightenment users!

Enlightenment just announced and released an alpha version for their “EFL” Enlightenment Foundation Libraries.  On Unity Linux in the past to get the most recent stuff from e17, the HUMANity remaster would use the which would go out and download an SVN snapshot of Enlightenment and install it to your computer.  The problem you run into with this way of installing is that the package management system is not aware of what you’ve installed…after all, they’re not RPMs.

Wouldn’t it be great if the latest and greatest were available IN THE REPOSITORY for Unity users to install?  The Unity developers wave a magic wand above smart repositories IT IS NOW!  Currently in unstable repository for your testing pleasure are all of the packages that would download to build and install for you.  We’ve made it so that smart can manage things for you.  Once things are tested a bit we’ll shuffle it back to the e17 channel…but until then it will remain in unstable.

To install, enable the unstable repository and look for task-17 2010.2.

Plenty more goodies on the way of course…we’ve got some under our belt and are getting ready to make a few more notches on said belt.  Currently in the PLF repository is the google-talk-plugin.  A recent addition is Wicd and we need people to test it out.  On the heels of wicd, we’re working on network manager AND testing functionality with it plugged into the drakxtools from Mandriva as a replacement for net_applet (Mandriva is also testing this).  So, lots of interesting things happening…not just cutting edge Enlightement goodies  Thanks for using Unity and have fun!

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  1. OnlyHuman permalink
    August 30, 2010 10:43 pm

    Well done team Unity-linux, a distro which keeps up to date rpms on a regular basis of the Enlightenment e17 desktop, is great news, and a boon to all users of Enlightenment e17 linux.

    Not forgetting special thanks to the Enlightenment development team too.

    Thanks for your work and commitment.

    Best wishes to all the team and users of Unity-linux 🙂

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