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Just kickin’ off the blog rust.

March 19, 2010

What to write/right. I have been trying to get back around to posting a blog every once in awhile. It’s hard because I have so much going on in regards to the distro and trying to get it to pick up traction. We are really starting to make good progress on what I would consider a truly open community based distro.

Mirrors: We have found an abundance of freely hosted mirror around the world thanks to Paul’s and others work. With the addition of smart-utils and the upgrade of smart to version 1.3, our package manager problems have really been minimized.

Package Requests: This has been one of the aspects that has occupied much of my time. Since the rc1 release I have gotten a constant stream of requests from the IRC channel, forum, Mail Lists, and personal contact with others using Unity Linux.

Upgrades & Fixes: I have also done quite a few upgrades to core packages along with others devs that have corrected some off our gfx card, wireless cards and other application bugs.

Build Server: With the developments happening to the BS and our constant improvements on the pkgutils suite. All contributors builds and those without he capability to build both arches should soon start filtering throught the BS. Also, we have perfected our method for creating chroots for building or creating the livecd iso.

Open Communication and Collaboration: We have had some success in this area despite many attempt to heal old wounds. Yoper and Unity Linux have found ways to share resources on a few levels that are beginning show beneficial to each other. I will continue to try to reach out to other rpm-based community distros and see if there is not more that we can share and learn from each other.


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