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Amazed by the progress made.

July 6, 2009

I remember when we started to put together lists of SRPMs that needed to redone/update/etc to break the dependency from pclos. At first you could build packages, but you would still have to use the pclos repos. Slowly, we started making head way and it became less frequent that you would need to pull a build requirement from the pclos repos.

Now, we are completely free of those chains, and it’s pretty much open season, for maintaining and building your favorite applications. You still have to import packages, but they are not the long list of build dependencies that we once had.

Just to give an example. I recently built mozilla-thunder and wine for unity, and I hope to have miro ready for the repo soon too. Also, it’s nice to see new releases of applications like Firefox 3.5 make it into the repo so quickly!

I say this because, everyday Unity is becoming more useful as a desktop or a core for whatever one may want to use it for. As we are finally narrowing down our selections for the logo, that means we are getting very close of an official alpha release. We are at an exciting time of what will be an explosion on the Unity Linux platform. It will be interesting to see what the near future has for us in-store.


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